Bath Trip


We visited Bath on March 1st. It was a really beautiful day with lots of sunshine and therefore many opportunities to take pictures. The brilliant light created a very special atmosphere inside Bath Abbey which is hard to capture, but the photo below may give you a rough idea of it. If you get a chance, Bath Abbey is a must visit and I recommend you allow plenty of time to really enjoy the experience - there is so much to discover inside.


The Roman Baths were somewhat disappointing. From an archeological point of view the presentation of the historic site had a rather unprofessional feel to it - many interesting bits were not explained at all or only via an electronic "audio guide" which I found extremely tiresome to listen to. The Hypocaust (underfloor heating system) is probably among the most noteworthy of ancient Roman engineering feats, yet I couldn't find any diagram explaining how it worked or even a mention of it in the "audio guide". It was certainly fun to see pilae stacks (part of a Hypocaust) live, but only because I knew what I was looking at - people around me gave me a rather funny look wondering why I was so excited over a couple of bricks until I explained it all.


From a photographer's point of view, the scaffolding that was basically everywhere was a bit of a show stopper (as can be seen above). Given the hefty admission fee, I believe a warning notice at the entrance would have been the least the museum should have done. On the flip side, it makes for a good reason to visit Bath again and re-do the affected shots.


Just in time before the weather changed (for the worse) we also managed to pay shorts visits to The Circus (pictured above) and the Royal Crescent (below). I particularly liked the trees in the middle of The Circus.


And finally, I love seagulls.