Taking a Deep Breath

Between this semester's second last and last exams I had almost a week of time, so I took a Saturday afternoon off and went to Barry Island again. Barry Island is just a 30 minutes train ride from Cardiff, so this is a great way of escaping the city.


One of the main Barry Island attractions is Barry Island Pleasure Park with all sorts of fun rides.


The reason why I went there, however, was the beach and the sea. It was a rather grey and windy day, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Note the sand "flying" over the beach.


While climbing alonside the cliffs I noticed a number of tiny but beautiful flowers that I wouldn't have expected in such a location.


Watching the waves crash onto the rocks had a very relaxing and refreshing effect. Refreshing in more than one way... I got slightly wet right after the following shot.


I then went on to the pebbles beach of Cold Knap. I don't know whether these pebbles occur there naturally, but it gave the place an interesting atmosphere. Unfortunaly, the photos don't do the brilliant light justice...


I had originally planned to stay there and wait for the sunset, but the high tide had blocked the way I got there (along the beach). Not knowing how long it would take me to find an alternative route I decided to go back early. I still saw the sun approach the horizon over Barry Island Pleasure Park


and the actual sunset later over Barry which marked the end of a wonderful day.