Open Source


My Own Projects

  • HB (Haskell Blogs) (2008): A blog engine/compiler written in Haskell that generates static XHTML. You are looking at its output! Source code will be released soon.
  • GPE Screenshot (2005): A graphical screenshot tool for the GPE Palmtop Environment (GPE)

  • GPE Life (2005): A C implementation of Convay's Game of Life. It uses balanced trees to represent the grid internally (thus O(n log n)) and allows unlimited growths. The Gtk+ based user interface enables the user to manipulate cells and navigate around the inhabited grid.

    The R-pentomino after some generations in GPE Life.

  • GPE Mileage (2005): A simple mileage calculator for GPE with support for multiple cars, different units of representation and currencies.

Projects I Have Contributed to

  • Familiar (2004-2007): A Linux distribution for (mainly Compaq/HP iPAQ) handheld computers (PDAs, tablets, smartphones).

    Initially, I helped with the transition to using OpenEmbedded as a build system in spring 2004, later I focused on Java related packages, and in 2006 (unintentionally) became the release manager coordinating the 0.8.4 release (in addition to the work I did on the release myself).

  • OpenEmbedded (2004-2006): A build system and a set of metadata to build packages and filesystem images for embedded systems that run Linux.

    My various contributions to OpenEmbedded range from adding device support for the iPAQ H3600/H3700/H3800 series of PDAs, to infrastructure work (e.g. fine grained kernel module packaging, glibc binary locales), to packaging of various (often Java related) packages, and quality assurance.

  • GPE (2004-2005): A graphical user interface for handheld computers with a focus on user interaction via touch screen.

    Apart from the applications above I contributed patches to several GPE applications and helped with testing and packaging (the latter via OpenEmbedded).

  • LCDproc (2001-2004): A suite of (user space) drivers, a daemon, and client applications to display a variety of data on LC displays attached via RS232, USB, parallel port, or other interfaces.

    I wrote the lcdm001 driver, consolidated and wrote new documentation for the LCDproc User Guide, and maintained the 0.4.x branch for a while. I'm still a project admin for LCDproc on and read the LCDproc mailing list.