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Back in Cardiff


I arrived back in Cardiff for the final stint of my Erasmus stay at Cardiff University last weekend. The journey was uneventful and I even had a bit of time in London for another brief visit to Buckingham Palace. If you are wondering about the barriers in some of the photos, those were for the London Marathon which took place the following day.


I also managed to make it inside Cardiff Castle this week! It only took me some 7 months ;) Personally, I liked the Norman Keep best (see the photo below), but the castle is also interesting if you're into gold covered rooms and all sorts of other luxuries.


London in March


Back in December we spent a weekend in London. On my way home from Cardiff last Saturday, I took the chance to visit central London again. In only about 2.5 hours, I managed to see Victoria Train Station, the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, the Victoria Memorial, the gate to Green Park, parts of St. James's Park, Parliament Square with its statues, Big Ben and Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliament) from Parliament Square and from the south bank of the River Thames, the London Eye, St. Margaret's Church, and Westminster Abbey. The weather was somewhat mixed with high winds, rain, snow, and sunshine. The best part of the trip was clearly the walk along the south bank of the River Thames in the sun.

I will definitely be back, with a tripod, a wide angle lens and more time at hand. In particular I'd like to take more night shots and go inside Westminster Abbey.