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Etch is out

Of course I'm a bit late to blog about this... Etch has been released. It's working well on several of my machines. Congratulations to the Debian project for a successful release!

GPE Screenshot 0.4 Released

I've just released GPE Screenshot 0.4 which is the first public release.

GPE Screenshot allows the user to save a screenshot to the local filesystem or upload it to Thanks go to Russ Nelson for adding PNG upload support to the cgi scripts on

Screenshots are taken from the X server using some code from gnome-screenshot which is part of gnome-utils. With minor modifications to the source code it is, however, also possible to use external applications such as fbgrab or import to grab screenshot images.

Source code is available from the usual place, a .bb is in OpenEmbedded already, and binary packages will follow soon.

GPE Life 0.2 Released

I've just released GPE Life 0.2. Changes since 0.1 are limited to a fixed .desktop file ("Conway's Game of Life" was too long, so it's just "Game of Life" now).

I've also taken a couple of screenshots:

Desktop icon.

Running. A couple of still life objects and two oscillators.

Paused. Activating some more cells.

The R-pentomino after some generations.

GNU Classpath 0.17

It turns out I missed the 0.17 release, probably because I didn't expect a new release so soon. Rock on, guys! Updated packages are available at the same location as before.

I'm afraid I can't push ('monotone sync' actually) to the OpenEmbedded repository right now, since monotone decided to screw itself over and fail with an invariant violation on 'monotone merge'. If you want to build Classpath 0.17 with OE just rename the .bb: 'mv packages/classpath/ packages/classpath/'.

Familiar 0.8.2 and Free Java Binary Backages

Familiar 0.8.2 has been released. It comes with all Free Java packages mentioned earlier in the feeds. (That's not quite true, actually. Kaffe will be added once I get it to work properly.)

People interested in binary packages (Thanks to Mark for pointing me to that one. I'm not subscribed to that list.) may want to check the 0.8.2 feeds.