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Stonehenge and Salisbury


Stonehenge is probably one of those places that don't need much introduction. There has been a lot of speculation as to the meaning and original use of the site. Personally, I find it unlikely that we will ever discover ultimate answers to those questions. And perhaps that's exactly what makes up the magic of the place and draws so many people from all over the world to this small spot in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

I visited Stonehenge on June 9th. A selection of the photos I took can be found in this photoset. At some point I'll have to return at the time of sunrise or sunset. The magic of the stones only truly unfolds with the right lighting.

Salisbury, on the other hand, is probably less well known. And if it hadn't been for a nice lady on the train from Cardiff to Salisbury who recommended seeing Salisbury Cathedral I might actually have missed this outstanding gem of English Gothic architecture.


The cynic in me says "Wherever I go the scaffolding is already there", but once again I'll just take that as a reason to pay another visit to Salisbury. The atmosphere inside Salisbury Cathedral was remarkable. It was overall darker than Bath Abbey, but that allowed the various light spots and candles to work their magic.